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Current Music:Butterfly - Mariah Carey
Time:05:37 pm
Current Mood:indescribableindescribable
all i can say is that... life is really really short..

i didnt like her.
she was a stupid whore but.. i didnt want her to die...

she's gone.
just like that.
19 years old.

you see her one day alive as ever .. the next day you get a call saying she died. and your like "what? i just saw her - she was fine".

If you have a drug problem people.. get help now before its too late. even though you prolly think your having fun.. a couple pills here and there.. wont hurt right?
except when that doesnt get you high anymore and you move on the something stronger.. and the downward spirl begins.
please dont think it wont happen to you.
ive seen it happen to more than my share of people ive cared about.

For anyone who knew her...
she worked at damons...
then cvs with me...

Melissa Anne Smith
1985-2005 RIP

Melissa OverDosed on apparently herion or oxycotin Friday August 12, 2005 .. she was 3 months pregnant.

*i wasnt her friend. i wont pretend like i was. i didnt even like her, but this has opened my eyes to how short life is and how it can be taken away from you in a blink of an eye. cherish those around you - they could be gone tomorrow*
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Time:07:32 pm
Current Mood:sympatheticsympathetic

You know what i just don't understand.. How do men rape women? They get boner's because they see how scared she is? i just.. dont get it.

Last night at work i found this girl sitting outside and she was curled up in a little ball, crying..

We asked her what happened .. she said her car broke down up the street and she was walking to get some help when 4 black guys approached her and asked if she needed help with her car...

she said no and tried to get away but they grabbed her and according to her... all 4 guys raped her. Then she ran as fast as she could to the first place that was open which was CVS. 

Her shirt was ripped open in the front, they ripped her bra off, she had scratches all over her chest and arms/legs and there were marks on her legs from this assholes forcing her shorts down or off, and she didnt have any shoes on.

this was at 13 and schoenherr... so girls... this stuff is happening HERE so be VERY careful.

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Current Music:The Calling - Our Lives
Subject:Happy Memorial Day
Time:11:07 am
Current Mood:calmcalm

I'm bored....Collapse )

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Current Music:Carrie Underwood - Inside Your Heaven & Independence Day
Subject:Good News!
Time:09:33 am
Current Mood:excitedexcited


First off i say congrads to CARRIE UNDERWOOD your NEW AMERICAN IDOL :)

Carrie's been my favorite since the show began even though everyone thought other people were better week to week i tuned in to AI just to hear carrie sing and i will most definately buy her CD. i was crying during the finale when they announced her name because i was so happy for her and because she is a symbol for everyone out there that has a dream.. hers came true and she WILL sell more records than she can even fathom... im really happy for her..

so for everyone who has a dream - don't give up on it. keep trying. American Idol auditions are in Chicago this summer...

I LOVE CARRIE UNDERWOOD! CONGRADS BABY!!!!!!!!!! you were / are and will always be my american idol.


In other good news..

Aaron and i got an apartment :) It's at Hall and Hyndrick(sp?) It's called The Harbours..

We move in on June 1st :)  It's really nice.. we got the 3rd floor (the top floor) on the end which means that we have side windows also. It has cathedrial ceilings also :) hehe.. so im really happy about that :)

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Subject:Aaron - I love you.
Time:05:29 pm
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Time:09:30 am
Current Mood:exhaustedexhausted
My NeW CaR
Pretty, right?!
you want those seat covers - admit it

there it is - it was free ppl what do you want from me :) lol
my seat covers and all went better in my red grand am but she's a fucker so this will have to due :) it run nice though.
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Time:02:22 pm

Well -

lets see.. i got a new car :) lol its not really new... but new to me

its a 1993 Nissan Sentra w/ 165,000 miles on it

but with new breaks, tires, starter, alternator, cv joints....

(lol melissa...) its prolly got some new lugnuts :)

but anyway - its was free :) so.. thats that.

its maroon. lol. the color of the 6000. i miss the 6000. o well.

i go tanning alot now :) im still not tan tho.. lol i bought a bottle of tanning lotion that was 34 dollars and all it does is burn me. bitches.

today i took aaron's car for an oil change :) im sucha girl.. lol i hate doing that. lol

OO birthday presents

  1. aaron got me beautiful diamond stud earrings that i have wanted for like a year :)
  2. mom got me these dishes that i wanted for a while.. i think i updated a while back about them
  3. dad got me a 50 dollar gift card for jc pennys
  4. brandon bought me dinner at applebees :)

:) haha im old. fuck.  damn it.   lol..   someone buy me a drink. ;)

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Subject:GorGous :)
Time:02:19 pm
Current Mood:sillysilly

Danielle Maria Dalessandro's Aliases

Your movie star name: Chips Verl

Your fashion designer name is Danielle Paris

Your socialite name is Gister Warren

Your fly girl / guy name is D Dal

Your detective name is Dog Cousino

Your barfly name is Chips SOCO

Your soap opera name is Maria Morningside

Your rock star name is Chocolate Cheeta

Your star wars name is Danpum Dalaar

Your punk rock band name is The Silly Handcuff

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Time:11:36 pm
Current Mood:optimisticoptimistic


ahem. april 21. 20 years old.

thank you. thank you. :) its been a rough 20 but hopefully the next 20 will be great :)

blah. im old.

next year. april 21, 2006 - its on. :)

im getting a new car on saturday. its free. :) wooooooohooooooooo

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Subject:Go For It :)
Time:09:16 pm
Current Mood:giddygiddy
Ask me four questions.
Any four, no matter how personal, private, or random.
I have to answer them honestly. I have to answer them all.
In turn, you post this message in your own journal and you have to
answer the questions that are asked to you!
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[icon] ~*~*~*Danielle*~*~*~
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